Studio City shares its thoughts about River Park

There are many reasons why Studio City community members support the Harvard-Westlake River Park project. From environmental stewardship to enhanced recreational opportunities to creating spaces for community gatherings, the River Park provides many benefits for neighbors and students.

Watch residents, teachers and students talk about why they look forward to the River Park.

Kiki Iriafen (1:38)

Harvard-Westlake student, Class of 2021
“Nothing comes easy – if you want something, you need to work hard for it.”

Nadine Eisenkolb (1:09)

Harvard-Westlake Environmental Science Teacher
“We’re going to have a thriving eco-system of native animals and plants.”

Nancy Kaleel (1:32)

Valley Resident
I feel very strongly about our environmental activism.

Jodi and Sam (:53)

Studio City Tennis Players
“Tennis will still be open to the public in the manner that it is now.”

Bassil Hamideh (1:07)

Lives a few blocks from River Park
“We don’t have a communal place to gather.”

Stone Kletecka (1:40)

Harvard-Westlake Alumni, Class of ‘21
“The River Park is open to the community, and it’s open to us.”

Stuart Waldman (1:10)

President of the Valley Industry Commerce Association
“Great for businesses, great for the community… 24/7 security [throughout the property].”

Mia Lehrer (1:55)

President of Studio MLA
“This can be a model, and a case study, of what it is you can do to increase the habitat value of many of these developments”

Cy Carlberg (1:56)

Founder, Calberg and Associates/Consulting Arborists
There are a lot of really wonderful trees going in that have innumerable environmental benefits.

Rick Davis (1:24)

KPFF Principal Civil Engineer
“This is an extraordinary example of a public/private partnership to improve water quality and take the load off of our water resources.”