Harvard-Westlake understands that the Weddington Golf & Tennis property has a long history in Studio City and that the tranquility, open space, and recreational opportunities provided by the property are treasured by many members of the community. Therefore, in developing the Harvard-Westlake River Park Campus, the school has been guided by a few key design principles and commitments, which will ensure that the site remains open and green for generations to come:



  • Provide public access to substantial portions of the River Park, its open spaces and its recreational facilities, including continued public access to improved tennis facilities.
  • Contain parking on-site, using mostly underground spaces and some surface-level parking for community members who visit the property.
  • Support efforts to designate neighborhood street parking for residents only.
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of natural resources, including investing in infrastructure to support stormwater capture and re-use.
  • Ensure a clean and safe environment (including 24×7 security).
  • Mitigate noise, light, and traffic impacts.
  • Maintain and improve aesthetics, safety, and usability of the site perimeter.
  • Limit the height of any building on the property to what current zoning allows (30 feet).
  • Connect public facilities on the site to the LA River Greenway in partnership with the Studio City Residents Association, the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, Los Angeles County, and others.
  • Maintain the Zev Yaroslavsky LA River Greenway trail (if County and City are willing).
  • No football games – no “Friday Night Lights.”
  • No use of paper Valleyheart as through street.

These principles and commitments will govern anything that the school proposes to develop on the site.